FEES of  entrance/parking permits for tour buses

Fees for the entrance, parking and movement of buses in the traffic restricted area (ZTL):
  1. For all tour buses coming from agencies or companies located outside Montecatini Terme and going to hotels with no private parking. The following fees are applied for long stay:
    • 36.00 EU daily from the 1st to the 3rd day of stay in Montecatini terme
    • the price for 3 days (108.00 EU ) allows parking and transit for 7 days, for help and support long stays.
  2. For all tour buses going to hotels with private parking in the hotel. The following fee is applied for long stay:
    • 9.00 EU daily

  3. For all tour buses coming to hotels with no private parking. If hotels have an arrangement with individuals or companies that have adequate parking, the following fee is applied for long stay:
    • 14.00 EU daily

Fees for entrance permits only

  1. For all tour buses entering the RTA just for pick-up and drop-off operations, that do not reach hotels with private parking and leave  for other destinations. The following fee is applied:

    • 14.00 EU daily

    In this case the following fees are also allowed:

    • 70.00 EU weekly ticket

How to pay:
IT31 C030 6970 4691 0000 0006 942 (BIC: BCITITMM)
Object of payment: “entrance/parking permit for tour buses”

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